. . . . . . . .

6.03 11:29 > RU EgoCR000dbC9
I guess finding useful, reliable inioomatfrn on the internet isn't hopeless after all.

6.03 10:50 > RU SC4z8XTBLD
It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of suinshne.

6.03 07:02 > RU BFgcRZ3U4R
I watched this play a few years ago. I like it very much... even the music. I reeerbemmd I even smail to miss pang and asked where she found the music... the song is sung by Regina Lund. very light music..

6.03 06:40 > RU TsVMAng7xH
I watched this play a few years ago. I like it very much... even the music. I rermebemed I even smail to miss pang and asked where she found the music... the song is sung by Regina Lund. very light music..

6.03 06:19 > RU MvqPKDQZcnFy
I'm so glad that the inneetrt allows free info like this!

6.03 06:18 > RU XYiZTD2QLv
it was very noticeable how the nuebmr of "diagnoses" and "labels" suddenly boomed when schools budgets began being adjusted for taking on such children...Yes, diagnosing these conditions has improved no end (which is great) but be aware that labelling certain children as having special educational needs does sometimes have benefits in common for parents, headteachers and the more idle of our social workers/medicos alike...Again I'm not saying that the conditions involved don't exist...far from it, I'm sure a lot of kids are still missing out on the help they really need because they're not attention-seekers and try too hard to help themselves...But I fear that a lot of children who lag in perhaps just one subject, or who through upbringing are of a disruptive nature, for example, are being rather facilely labelled in this fashion (a) for budgetary reasons,(b) to get round awkward Ofsted statistics, and (c) because on certain sink-estates it's almost a matter of pride to be able to claim your child has SENs (which is something I wouldn't have really believed until I came across it personally a few years back) ... and sometimes it's simply anything to avoid having junior labelled as the bullying little b****r he really is.It's difficult...but I sincerely believe the wrong people may in a lot of cases, be getting the benefits, whilst other suffer in silence...who knows what the correct figures really are?

6.03 06:14 > RU V5xoKjZRtV
I, too, have had to leave things in God's hands. My ex DOESN'T pay his child suporpt. He job hops so often it's hard for the State to keep up with him. If I ask him about it he gets really ugly and mean so I've stopped. I'll let the State do what they can do and I pray for patience and suporpt in the meantime.

6.03 06:06 > RU KhY2gEcjeVia
Ya deshache phile vhaabjin koni kele yacha wad karnaya pekcha ya pudhe ya de shache vhaabjin honar nahi ya sathi prayatna kele pahije. Parantu BJP ch ya deshachaya vibhajnas jababdar asnara0 yat shanka nahi.a0 Aka gharat don bhau rahushakat nahi tay thikani don dharmachi lok kashi rahu shaknar. Ania0 atta je zale te zale 60 arsha nantar taya babat charcha karnayat kahi arth nahi. Advani yani ata ghari jave va parat tond dekhil dakvoo naye

6.03 06:02 > RU Hhcxtur8guaA
AKAIK yov'ue got the answer in one!

6.03 05:45 > RU i82mUaAMyHi
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